Candidate's Guide for Proctored Objective Test

This is how the mail from talview looks like, it consists of the job title, assessment window , a link for Practice assessments, a candidate guide populated with video instructions for FAQs, Attend link which redirects to the talview application, verification code which is unique for every candidate.

Here are few steps to be followed by the candidate to attend the interview.

In case of any error, raise a ticket with the screenshot of the error. Click here to raise a ticket.

1. Copy the verification code, and click on the attend link.

2. The link redirects to the web based application of Talview where the basic requirements of hardware is shown and the copied verification code need to be pasted in the space provided and click on verify.

3. The candidate has to click on allow so that the application is permitted to use the webcam.

4. The candidate can see himself/herself in the frame and look for sufficient lighting and various factors and click yes to proceed further.

5. The candidate has to click in the Record audio in order to perform the audio test.

6. The audio is recorded and is played to review the sound quality to the candidate. If the audio playback sounds perfect then go ahead and click on yes.

7.Click on Start Interview.

8. Now click Next after reading the interview pre-instructions.

9. Click next to view various pop up description which explains different fields in the interview window, click on the allow button again.

10. Click on the answers to choose the answer and click next to view the next question or click on skip if you are not willing to answer that particular question as in the cases of negative marking.

11. Click on Next to end the session.