How to create an assessment


  • Select the assessment option from the dashboard.




  • Click on assessments to create a new assessment and a add icon will be displayed to your right. Click on that and it appears as the below represented figure.


  • After clicking on the add icon the below screen is displayed. Select 'Create New Assessment' option.


  • Select the type of assessment type which you have to create(Interview)

  • Also on this particular page, you should add the Job description which can be selected from top right of the page. Then add questions by selecting questions available on the platform. Also, questions can be added with respect to the skills.





  • Add the title and reference ID (name and role) for the assessment on the field given in the top left of the page. 



  • Once this is done, click on the 'Create Assessment' tab. Assessment will be created and the Overview page will appear as below




  • Now click on the 'Actions' tab on the top right and select the 'Edit Assessment' option. There we can edit the Configuration, Instruction, Questions and Rating elements

  • Save and close after changes are made and click actions and select the 'Share Settings' option and click publish. Then you can change the end date and time for the assessment. 

  • Click confirm and now the assessment creation is complete.