Content Managers can manage only the questions that are being created by the users for the organization. 

 1. Search, filter, and actions - The users can search and filter for anything relating to questions and skills. 

The actions they can perform are - create questions, bulk import and delete questions. 

2. Question - Each row contains the details about a question and clicking on the row will open the detail edit view of the question, where the user can view and edit the question. CREATE QUESTION This option opens a new page where the users can select the type of question and create.

The following are the options available while creating a question:

1. Type of question - The option opens a dropdown with the list of question types and they are:

• MCQ - Multiple choice questions with a single correct answer.

• MCA - Multiple choice questions with multiple correct answers.

• Asynchronous - Video interview questions.

• Essay - Long answer type questions.

• Typing - Questions that check the typing speed and


2. Enter choices - This will appear for MCQ and MCA type of questions where the user will have to give the choices.

3. Skills - The questions can be tagged to multiple skills. And only the existing skills will appear in the dropdown.

4. Question title and content - This space is for adding the title to the question (optional) and the content of the question that will appear to the candidates. Once all the above steps are done, click on the 'Create' tab. 


This option lets users bulk import questions. The following are the steps that are involved in importing the questions: 

1. Upload file - The users must upload the file containing the questions in the suitable format. If the users do not have the template, they can download it from the below page.

2. Questions review page - If the uploaded file contains the data required to create questions, then the review page appears. The questions that were in the file appear one by one for the users to review them. If they want they can edit them and then import else, they can cancel the review and import them all.

VIEW AND EDIT QUESTIONS Clicking on a row from the list view directs the users to the detail view of the question. They can only edit the questions that were created in this application by the content managers. The other type of questions can only be viewed.