What is Talview?

Talview is an online assessment and video interviewing platform which supports various forms of video proctored online assessments and live interview. Many leading Employers, Educational Institutions, Training Agencies, etc use Talview for conducting assessments and interviews for use cases like talent acquisition, learning exams, certifications, etc.


Received an Email/SMS from the Employer for an assessment on Talview? Not sure what to expect?

You might have received an email from <no-reply@talview.com> or SMS  as shown in the below image, regarding Online assessments or Live Interview. The Email or SMS is to initiate the interview process for the position you applied with the respective Company or Corporate. This process is mandatory to get into the further interview process.

Email Template

SMS Template

Talview is an online assessment and video interviewing platform which supports various forms of video proctored online assessments and live interview. Many leading Employers, Educational Institutions, Training Agencies, etc use Talview for conducting assessments and interviews for use cases like talent acquisition, learning exams, certifications etc. The different forms of the assessments are listed below.

What are the different types of assessments Talview Support?

The different forms of the assessments are 

Automated/Asynchronous Video Interview

Multiple Choice Video Assessment

Code Video Assessment

Scheduled to do an online interview on Talview? Not sure what to expect?

You got the email regarding the online interview on Talview, since the recruiter wanted you to interview by the Hiring Manager or the Panel as the part of the interview process. This will be happening over the internet via webcam. This type of interview is especially useful when travel costs are prohibitive or there are other obstacles, such as scheduling, that prevent the employer and potential candidate from meeting in person.

You can attend the live interview either through the mobile application or through the web application.


What are the pre-assessment steps on Talview? Do I need to keep any documents ready?

Please follow the below steps before you start the assessment and you need to keep your resume soft copy ready before you start the assessment.

  • You must have an active Internet connection with a minimum speed of 256 Kbps and front camera to attend the assessment from smartphone or webcam, a microphone and speakers/headphones in order to attend the assessment from laptop or desktop and a minimum of 1 Mbps speed for Online Interview.
  • If you are attending the assessment from a laptop or desktop computer, please use a good quality microphone; an inbuilt mic in a laptop can be used but do not use a mobile phone mic.
  • Ensure that you read the complete assessment Invitation email and complete the assessment in advance to avoid the last minutes of technical snags.
  • The mobile applications only Automated/Asynchronous Video Interview and Multiple Choice Video Assessment. If you get a "Not Supported" message on entering the verification code in the mobile application or you have been specifically instructed by the prospective employer that the assessment is to write an essay or a code test or VEPT or Versant, you need to use a laptop or desktop computer for the same.
  • The list of supported browsers is Google Chrome (Latest Version), Mozilla Firefox (Latest Version), and Microsoft Edge.
  • Ensure to attend the practice assessment and watch the candidate process-flow videos before you start the assessment.

Does Talview provide an option to do a practice assessment or interview?

 Yes, Talview provides a practice assessment link in the assessment invitation email with sample questions to get well versed in the process. For Interview Talview, won't provide a practice interview.

While entering the verification code on the platform or the application, I’m getting 'Invalid code', could you please help?

Kindly cross check and ensure you are entering the correct verification code as mentioned in the invitation email. Also, make sure there should not be any extra space before or after the code or a digit while entering the verification code

What do I do if my assessment gets closed automatically?

Try to close the application and re-open the assessment using the same verification code and link to continue, your assessment will resume from the same question where you left before and can continue with your test.

How can I get details regarding the Job role and Organization?

If you require more details about the Job role and Organization, kindly contact the campus recruiter. 

How can I know the duration of the live session or the video interview?

The duration of the live sessions will be one hour usually. Also, the same will be mentioned in the invitation email as well and the video interview duration will be notified in the instructions mentioned before starting the assessment.

What should I do if my assessment page gets stuck during the assessment session?

Check your internet connection and try reloading the page. If it doesn't work, then close the page and try attending the test by using the same verification code which is sent to you by email. 

Also, use the below link to confirm the network stability.

Link: https://www.speedtest.net

My Face is Not Being Detected, how can I get my face detected?

Kindly make sure your webcam is fully functional and you have enough light in the background. Also, select the actual camera from the drop-down list which is on the hardware test page.

Adding another point, move your face in and out of the screen to get the same detected.

If the problem still persists, kindly use another webcam/computer

Audio test/Microphone test failed, how can I get it done?

This issue can occur if the application is not able to recognize your voice/speech.


Please try the following to pass the Hardware test stage.


  • Your system volume should be high.

  • During the Hardware Test when the system is recording for your audio, please speak clearly into the microphone until you complete the phrase which has to be readout.

  • There should not be any background noises while attending the assessment. Make sure you are accessing the assessment in a quiet environment.

  • When the system plays back the audio, please verify that you can hear your own voice clear and loud.

  • Also, ensure that all other multimedia applications like Skype are closed on your system while you attend the assessment.

  • It’s recommended to not use mobile earphones to record your voice. Please use the inbuilt mic of the device or use a proper headphone with a mic to record your voice. Also, avoid using Bluetooth headsets to access the assessment.

  • While recording the responses, keep the microphone at a minimum distance of at least 5 to 10 centimeters away from the mouth to capture the speech clearly.

Why am I not able to see anyone else in the live session?

If you have joined the live session at the mentioned time and no panel members have joined, we request you to wait for 15 minutes from the scheduled time. If no one joins after 15 minutes, please contact the HR/recruiter team for the same. The HR/Recruiter contact details can be found on the Cc field of the invitation mail as well as on the organization website. 

With which all devices I can access the live interview?

The live session can be accessed with a smartphone(by downloading the Cognizant Live Interview application and using the code) and with a desktop/laptop(in the Google Chrome browser using the link and code)

Can I access the video interview using a smartphone?

Yes, you can access the video interview by downloading the Talview Candidate application from the Playstore(Android)/App Store(IOS)

What are the network requirements to connect to a live session?

The minimum network requirements are 1 Mbps upload and download bandwidth and the network latency close to zero. Also, have a check on the network stability using the below link.

Link: https://www.speedtest.net