How to Join Live Interview?

  • You will receive an email with the verification code to your registered e-mail ID.

  • To join the live interview, click on 'Attend'.

Verification Process:

  • You will reach the below Login page once you enter Talview’s assessment platform with the help of the link shared in the invitation email.

Live Interview Platform

  • Once you login with Talview Meet, you can see the below screen. You can interact with panel/ interviewer here.

  • You have the option of joining the session only by audio or by audio and video. 

Talview Meet has the following features that will help you complete the session smoothly.

  • Mute/ Unmute

During the live interview, if you want to mute the session, you can click on ‘Mute/Unmute’ option as shown below.

  • Start/Stop camera

You can stop sharing the video feed from your webcam by clicking on the ‘Start/Stop Camera’ button. You can also start sharing the video feed from your webcam by clicking on the same button. 

  • Open/Close Chat Box

You can send a message to other users from here.

  • More Actions

Once you click on More Actions Button, you will get a list of Options for the below listed features.

  • Manage Call Quality
  • View Full Screen

    The ‘View/Exit Full Screen’ button allows you to view the video in full screen mode. You can exit the full screen mode by clicking the ‘View/Exit Full Screen’ button or with the help of the ‘ESC’ key on the keyboard.

  • Settings

In settings, you can change the language and the audio and video settings.

In the Device settings option, you can choose the devices which you are using and test your Camera/Microphone/Speaker to see if whether it's working properly or not.

  • View Shortcuts

In addition to these basic features, you can set your display name, emoji in the Chat Box etc. 

  • Set Your Display Name

Your display name is the name that appears to other users. You can set your display name and add your email address here.

How to Evaluate the Candidate After the Live Interview?

How Do I Logout from the Interview?

Click on 'Leave' to get logged out from the interview. You will see the below screen when you are successfully logged out.