Q: I couldn't hear anything when the audio plays back.

A: This issue can occur in the following situations only if the application is not able to record your voice. Please try the following steps to pass the Hardware test stage.

  • The system volume should be high.
  • During the Hardware Test when the system is recording for your audio, please speak clearly into the microphone until you complete the phrase which has to be readout.
  • There should not be any background noises while attending the assessment. Make sure you are accessing the assessment in a quiet environment.
  • When the system plays back the audio, please verify that you can hear your own voice clear and loud.
  • Also, ensure that all other multimedia applications like Skype are closed on your system while you attend the assessment.
  • It’s recommended to not use mobile earphones to record your voice. Please use the inbuilt mic of the device or use a proper headphone with a mic to record your voice.
  • While recording the responses, keep the microphone at a minimum distance of at least 5 to 10 centimeters away from the mouth to capture the speech clearly.