Assessment Related FAQ

  1. What is Automated Video Assessment and How to attend the Assessment?
  2. What is MCQ or Multiple Choice Assessment and How to attend the Assessment?
  3. What is Essay Assessment and How to attend the Assessment?
  4. What is Code Assessment and How to attend the Assessment?

Video or Camera Related FAQ

This issue happens if the camera is not connected properly to the computer if you are using an external camera. Also close all the application that may be using your camera including Skype, instant messengers (Gtalk, Yahoo, Facebook, Messenger or Windows Live Messenger). This issue also occurs if the internet is blocked by a restrictive firewall. This could happen if you are trying to take the assessment within a corporate network/ LAN, using your office laptop and using your school/college network. If the problem persists, we recommend you try from a different internet connection/access.

  1. My flash player is not being detected
  2. I am unable to connect to the video server
  3. My face is not being detected

Audio or Mic Related FAQ

Most of the time the audio problems are a result of improper, defective cables. Also, Mobile earphone will not detect the laptop while taking the assessment, use a proper microphone. 

  1. I am facing a problem using a microphone
  2. I couldn't hear anything when the audio plays back
  3. Low volume detected while taking the automated assessment

MCQ/External assessment Related FAQ

While taking a Versant test you might have faced the issues like camera not detected, or window popup is not coming, microphone issues or network issues in the versant platform. Make sure that the popup blocker should be disabled always for this website and internet speed i.e. both upload speed and download speed should be more than 1 Mbps. You should attend the Versant test in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and please note that do not attend this test in IE or Internet Explorer or Mobile Application.Please don't get panic if the timer is running on the screen.The versant (VEPT) test is only for 50 minutes, we have already provisioned for 120 minutes.

  1. I am not able to pass the hardware test (Camera or Video and Mic or Audio)
  2. Pop-up Window is not coming and the test is not starting and the timer is running on the screen
  3. I am not being forwarded to the second section after completion of the versant test and End section button is also not getting highlighted
  4. I am facing a network issue while taking the assessment
  5. I am facing a microphone failure issue

Generic FAQ

  1. While entering the verification code on the platform, I’m getting 'Invalid code'?
  2. Is it Mandatory to upload a resume in the pre-form?
  3. My assessment timer has paused what do I do?
  4. My assessment timer is not working what do I do?
  5. What do I do if my assessment timer gets closed automatically?
  6. Which type of assessments will be supported in the mobile application?
  7. Can I start the assessment in a Mobile app and continue in Web?
  8. How do I know the time required for my assessment?
  9. The application stopped responding while taking my assessment, what do I do now?
  10. What should I do if my assessment page gets stuck during the assessment session?