Panel FAQ (Evaluator)

1. I have received an invite to be a panel. But the system is asking me to login/not accepting my user name & password. How can I go ahead?

  • Please check your registered / official mail for the activation email from Talview ( Kindly follow the instruction to activate the account. 

  • If you are not able to find the activation email please raise a ticket to support team. Click here to raise a ticket.

     or call us on at +91-80-67414716

  • However if you have already activated your account but do not remember the password correctly please use the FORGOT OR RESET PASSWORD option in the login page and follow the instructions.

  • The following dashboard is which a Evaluator can see when he/she is logged in to the account


  • By clicking automated option candidates and their status can be seen

  • If there are any live sections scheduled the it will appear to the right side where there is a separate session for that

  • To add available slots which are flexible can be added by clicking on the add button

  • Pending evaluations can be seen on the top


  • By clicking on the eye icon towards right side of the screen you can see all the content of the completed candidate.

  • On top all the icons represent 

  • 1st icon represents overall candidates 

  • 2nd icon represents pending live interviews

  • 3rd icon represents automated interview

  • 4th icon represents Candidates who got evaluated

  • 5th icon represents search


  • To view candidates profile bottom icon should be used and the rest icon to select the status of candidate.


  • The above image shows the profile of the candidate 


  • After giving the status to the candidate a pop-up message appears saying EVALUATION WAS SAVED SUCCESSFULLY