Getting Started on the Talview Live Interview Application

Step 1: Download the Application

  • Search for the 'Talview Meet App' in the App Store. The application looks like this: 

  • Install the app and wait for the download to complete 

Step 2: Launch the Application 

  • Once the app is downloaded, open the application. A screen like the one shown below will appear

  • After entering the verification code, you can join the live session for which you invited. A screen like the one shown below will appear

  • Once you login you can see the below screen. You can interact with panel/ interviewer here.

  • You have the option of joining the session only by audio or by audio and video.

  • You will be able to disable and enable the video and microphone by clicking on the microphone and video button.

  • Once the session is over click on the disconnect button to exit the session.