Live proctoring refers to the assessment session where the candidate accessing the assessment will be proctored throughout the session by a person(Proctor) in real-time.

The Proctor and candidate will be joining the same live session. Post validation and pre-checks by the proctor, the candidate will access assessment within the live session after sharing the screen.

The Proctor will be performing the pre-checks and confirm that there are no chances for a malpractice or use of any kind of reference materials by the candidate before starting the assessment and make sure no malpractice is done throughout the assessment process.

Invitation email:

The Proctor and the candidate(s) will be receiving an invitation email once the live session is scheduled. Both can join the session 10 minutes prior to the session timing mentioned in the invitation email.

The assessment link and verification code or the public link for assessment will not be shared with the candidate prior to the live session. But the same will be shared with the candidate once after a satisfactory pre-check done on the live session by the proctor. 


  • There are few guidelines to be followed by both, proctor as well as the candidate. The detailed guidelines for the candidates will be shared in the invitation email. Find the below link for the proctor guidelines.

  • Link for proctor guidelines:

  • The proctor should join the session 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time and wait for the candidate to join. Once the candidate joins, the proctor will go ahead with the validation, environment check and then shares the assessment link.

  • Validation

The Proctor should validate the name of the candidate and then ask the candidate to show any valid ID proofs with the recent photo on the camera to validate the photo and name in the ID card and make sure that matches with the one who is attending the session.

  • Environment Check

Post validation the proctor should do an environment check for the Candidate. This can be done by validating a 360-degree view of the test environment including the test desk and ascertaining no presence of unauthorized objects. The authorized objects list will be provided to the proctor as part of the onboarding checklist. In the case of desktop or school computers where the webcam is fixed to the monitor, we cannot get a 360-degree environment check. The candidate can at best provide a 180-degree check. In such an event, we will request the candidate to take pictures using their phone and show us the environment that could not be captured.

Also, validate that the candidate is not wearing any smartwatch or any visible Bluetooth earpiece.

  • Screen sharing:  

Once a candidate completes the environment check, the proctor will guide the candidate to the screen-share toggle and request him to share his screen. Please ensure that the candidate shares full-screen (1st option) and not the window or tab. In order to confirm, we can request them to press alt+tab and check if other tabs are visible. 

Proctor should inform the candidate that if the session disconnects for some reason, they will need to re-join the session using the same code in the invitation email within 90 seconds else the exam will get disqualified. On rejoining, there is a need to re-do a quick environment check. 

  • Sharing the assessment link

Once the proctor is convinced that there are no open tabs other than the proctoring window, we will provide the assessment link and code through the chat window. 

Please ensure the video feed is enabled all the time and prompt the candidate if it is disabled even for a second. 


  • Assessment Monitoring

During the assessment process, the proctor will monitor the candidate through the video feeds

Proctor will check for multiple events through the test process as listed in the guidelines.

No other communication apart from flag violations to be made between proctor and candidate.

  • Ending the Process

At the end of the test or on a candidate clicking on submitting the test responses, the Proctor is expected to thank the candidate for being a part of the test process and close the proctoring window.

On completion of the test, the Proctor is expected to provide the proctor report that includes details of all the flags/events that were noted.

  • Proctoring Multiple Candidates:

If there is a requirement of proctoring multiple candidates, the proctor has to go ahead with the validation, environment check for any of the candidates (or the candidate joined first) and ask the same to share the screen and wait till you complete onboarding of the other candidate(s). Then proceed with the other candidate and post completion of pre-checks for all the candidates, share the assessment link and code separately for each one in the chat. 

Before onboarding one candidate, the proctor should make sure he/she notifies the other candidate(s) to wait until the onboarding process is complete(specify the time to wait as well).

Also, install Tab-Resize plug-in in Chrome to facilitate multi-tab option -