1.     My Verification Code is not working.


Kindly cross-check and ensure you are entering the correct verification code as mentioned in the invitation email. Enter the code manually rather than copy-pasting the same. 


Also, do not copy-paste the assessment URL from any other browsers to the Google Chrome browser to access the assessment. Right-click on the link given in the invitation email and select the option 'Open in chrome browser' or 'Copy the link address and paste it in chrome browser.



2.     Not able to proceed to the test and the page shows loading for more than 2 minutes


Loading issues mostly happens due to unstable network connection or the browser cookies and cache. 

Close the assessment window and resume the test using the same link and code after clearing the browser cookies and cache.

Also, make sure you have a stable network connection at your end before resuming the test.


3.     How to allow hardware (camera and microphone) permission on the browser

  • Click on the Lock icon which is on the left end of the address bar.

  • There you can find Location, Camera, Microphone, Notifications, Javascript, Images, Pop-ups and redirects, and cookie option.

  • Change the permission status of each of them to ‘Allow’    

  • Reload the page.


If the issue persists, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Lock icon.

  • Select the Site Settings option from the dropdown menu and the site settings will open in a new tab. 

  • Make sure the required permissions (camera, pop-ups and redirect, location, microphone, and cookie) are allowed. If not, change it to ‘Allow’ and close the site settings tab.

  • You will be taken back to the previous tab where you can reload the page and proceed. To reload click on the Reload button which is to the left side of the address bar. 


4.     Unable to share screen

While you are on the screensharing page of the assessment, click on the Desktop/Full-screen option and then click on the Share screen option on the bottom right of the page. 

If you are using a Mac OS device (Macbook or iMac), you have to allow permission on the system in the first place and post to that proceed with the same on the test platform. 

Follow the below steps to allow permission on a Mac OS system.

·         On your Mac, choose Apple menu >

·         Select System Preferences, then click Sharing.

·         If Remote Management is selected, deselect it.

·         You can’t have both Screen Sharing and Remote Management on at the same time.

·         Select the Screen Sharing tickbox.



5.     Camera not detected


If you are using an external webcam, ensure the camera is connected properly to the system and the same camera has been selected for the test page. 

Close all the background running multimedia applications on the system which uses camera and ensure the permissions are allowed. Then refresh the page to proceed. 

If the same issue persists, that seems to be a hardware malfunction. Switch to a different system or webcam.


6.     Face is not getting detected


To get your face detected, please follow the below steps.

  • Check if your webcam is working properly.

  • Ensure that you have sufficient lighting surrounding you preferably with a white background.

  • We would request you to move your face close to the camera and adjust the camera screen or try changing the position so that the webcam will detect your face.

  • Make sure you have closed all multimedia applications such as Skype or any other apps that are possibly using the camera in the background.

  • Select the actual camera from the drop-down list which is on the hardware test page. 

If the problem persists, kindly use another webcam/computer.



7.     ID card is not getting accepted/photo not detected in the ID card


Please use a government approved photo ID or a photo ID as instructed by the test centre with a clear picture and the face is clearly visible on the camera. 

If the issue persists even with a photo ID having a better picture, please use the secondary option of uploading the saved image of the ID card to proceed. 


8.     Not able to complete the microphone test. (shows error 'Volume too low' or 'Speech not enough/detected')

  • Please try the following to pass the Microphone test. 
    • Your system volume should be high.

    •  During the Hardware Test when the system is recording for your audio, please speak clearly into the microphone until you complete the phrase which has to be readout.

    • There should not be any background noises while attending the assessment. Make sure you are accessing the assessment in a quiet environment.

    •  Also, ensure that all other multimedia applications like Skype are closed on your system while you attend the assessment.

    •  It’s recommended to not use mobile earphones to record your voice. Please use the inbuilt mic of the device or use a proper headphone with a mic to record your voice.

    • While recording the responses, keep the microphone at a minimum distance of at least 5 to 10 centimeters away from the mouth to capture the speech clearly.


9.     Face not detected flag shown while giving responses to the questions


If you are getting the face not detected pop-up/flag while attending the session, please make sure that you have not gone away from the screen. Even if your complete face is visible on the screen and you are getting the face not detected pop-up, please ignore the same and proceed with the test.


10.   Taking more time to move to the next question


This seems to be an issue with the network instability at your end. Please close the assessment window and resume the test using the same link and code after confirming that you have a stable network connection.


Check and confirm the network stability using this link 



11.   How to proceed with the test if my test window got closed accidentally.


Use the same ‘Attend’ link and verification code to resume the test from the same point where you have left.


12.   Taking more time to submit the responses 


This seems to be an issue with the network instability at your end. Please close the assessment window and resume with the submission of the test using the same link and code after confirming that you have a stable network connection.


             Check and confirm the network stability using this link


13.   How can I confirm whether I have completed the test?


To confirm that you have completed the test, use the same ‘Attend’ link and verification code and try to access the test. If the test has already been completed, you will be notified the same and if any more sections are pending, you will be taken ahead for the same.