When a candidate receives an Invitation email for the assessment. The steps one should follow to log in to the assessment are given below: -

  • Open the invitation email you have received.
  • Then right-click on Attend link and copy the Link address.
  • Paste the Link on the Google Chrome Browser and click enter
  • When the page opens, please enter the verification code.




  • Then Click On I agree to terms and conditions and policy and I give my consent to Talview to capture my Data.
  • Then click on the Go button.


  • Then you will be redirected to a new page where you have to click to agree to terms and conditions. 



  • Then you allow all the permissions like camera & Mic, Notification, Location by clicking on Allow.



  • Then please select the actual camera if an external camera is used or else it should be an integrated camera. 


  • Click on next and capture the Image of yourself and make sure there is an adequate amount of light on your face of yours. 
  • Then the microphone check is to be done and select the actual microphone from the dropdown if an external microphone is used and then click on next.



  • Then read out the Line displayed on the screen to pass the audio test.


  • Once the audio test is passed then you upload an ID proof for verification. You can either upload the scanned copy for photo verification in .png/.jpg/.jpeg format only or you can capture the ID photo by clicking on the capture icon by holding it in front of the camera.



  • Once uploading the ID proof then only you will be redirected to go for a 360-degree Environment check and click on start Test.




  • Capture the surrounding check for one minute slowly by clicking on start recording. Once the recording is complete click on submit. 
  • Then you have to click on the Allow screen share to proceed to the examination. So click on Proceed to Exam. 



  • If You are a Mac user then follow the steps below steps: -


Step 1: Choose Apple menu > System Preferences,


Step 2: Click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy.

Step 3: Select Privacy and then select the Screen Recording option from the left-hand side and enable the ‘Google Chrome’ application to enable the permission.


  • Click on the entire screen share and click on the mini screen and then click on share.




  • Then finally you will be redirected to the test page to the where instructions for the test will be mentioned.



  • Click on next and you are good to start the assessment once after completion of the assessment click on finish and close the window.


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