Sub Modules for Recruiters

How To..? Now that we have a good idea of the platform, let us understand how you can get started and do your daily tasks. How do I log in ? What if I have forgotten the password? How do I retrieve my password? What is an “Assessment” and what is a “Section”? What are the various Sections available? How do I see details of the Assessments for which I am part of? How do I get more details of a candidate? How do I invite a candidate to a section of the Assessment? What happens when I invite a candidate? Can I send an email reminder to remind the candidate about completing a section? How do get to see a complete profile of the Candidate For an Asynchronous Interview, how do I assign an Evaluator? How do I assign a panel member for a Live Interview? Can I send a reminder to the panel member?

How we can assign panel to the unassigned candidates ?
  1. Select the candidate by selecting on the checkbox from the list or search for the specific candidate and open the profile and click on the 'Add P...
Wed, 30 Oct, 2019 at 10:47 PM