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The Test recording stage is blocking attempts made to move ahead, with a constant message on each attempt - "Something went wrong"
Rest of the things / steps went well without any issue on a Firefox Mozilla with latest version. In fact the Adobe flash player hosting the testing was on previous version of it



Good Evening Sir/ Mam, As per your email link, I have done all my Steps, But i have one problem , I don't have web cam in my pc, So please tell remedy for this. Thankyou

@Febinvisom98: Hello Febin, the assessment link that you have received would be a proctored assessment. Hence, you must take the assessment on a computer that has the camera.

the audio capture test is showing error

hello sir

can you please tell me to solve the problem

I m unable to complete online test process due to audio capture test is showing error

Since the asesssment/tests are vary for organization the solution for the issue also may vary. In order to understand your issue in a better way we request you to contact the Talview support team by raising a ticket. Please click here to raise a ticket to the support team and we will be able to help you out on your technical issues.


Camera on Laptop is not working.

Hence, I am not able to continue assessment process on talview for Amazon.

I have samsung M10s the link is not supporting on mobile devise its suggesting to use Desktop or Laptop only.

Please suggest something ASAP.



Actually i am here for assessment which is not supporting 

@Urvi: The mobile device is not supported for the second round of your assessment. We are affraid to mention you can take this assessment only on laptop/desktop. If you do not have a laptop/desktop we request you to arrange one to complete your test.

@belal: Seems you are facing a tehcnical issue, hence we request you to contact the support team immediately for a faster response. Kindly go through the invitation email to contact the support team.

I have arranged a laptop but through mobile hotspot it’s not working

I would like  to be informed in lieu of my VCS Amazon application/, where i was supposed to complete an interview but due to your software glitch I wasn't able to. And, today i received a mail from your end providing me a link to access this window. But, still I couldn't go back to the interview window. Please provide sufficient information on the same and a link to get back to the window to complete questions from the interview.

Thank You,

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