1. If you are facing the “Low volume detected” issue as shown in the below screenshot kindly follow the following steps to resolve the same.

2. Right Click on the video area to get a menu select the option “settings” to get the following screen.

3. In the setting screen go to the microphone tab as shown below and increase the record volume slider and speak to the system and monitor if the volume bar on the lft side is moving or statid. If the volume bar is moving, simply close the flash player settings pop up refresh the screen and try hardware test again. Your audio will be detected and you will be able to proceed.


4. If the Volume bar is not moving even after increasing the record volume slider try changing the microphone from the drop dow menu available and monitor the volume bar once it starts moving simply close the Flash player settings pop up and refresh the page and attempt the hardware test again, your audio will be detected and you will be able to proceed to the interview section.