Initial steps when a candidate clicks on the attend link


Verification code process


Screenshot from 2017-06-13 13:44:17.png


  • Please enter your verification code, which has been sent to you over the email

  • Enter your details in the registration form as shown in the above screen.

  • Proceed further 


Hardware test process

  • You will be able to see the below screen.

  • Click on allow button and proceed further


Video Test


  • After clicking on the Allow button you can find the following screen.




  • Please find the working webcam from the options and please select.

  • Proceed further

Audio Test


  • Please record your voice by clicking on the record audio icon, Try to playback and confirm if your voice is audible and clear.




  • If it is not clear, Please try to record it once again.

  • After passing the hardware test you will be able to see the below screen.







Essay ( How essay question looks like )


  • After going through the hardware test, you would see the question as shown in the below screen.




  • Start writing the essay in the given space or you can upload a file by clicking on the file option.

  • Once you finish answering the question click on submit all answers.