1. Make sure you’re taking the assessment from Updated Chrome Browser.

  2. Do not use Reliance Jio Network for taking the assessment

  3. Open the attend link in Incognito Window and enter the Verification Code provided.

  4. Check for the required hardware settings


Cannot Access Test - Error

Kindly confirm with the below image is that the same error appearing on the screen.

Reason for the Error:

This error is mostly occurred due to the network issue/proxy settings, please do the following troubleshooting methods to get the error resolved. 


If the error occurs on the assessment page, kindly make sure you’re following the instructions provided in the beginning. Still, if the issue persists, kindly do the below troubleshoots.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+R couple of times to clear the cache & cookies from the browser.

  • Close all the application windows (Do not Click on Submit) & reopen the link from the invitation

  • Still, if the issue persists, kindly reach out to Talview Support Team for more assistance.

Problem with Connection

If the below-mentioned error is displayed when the assessment is being taken, kindly refresh the page and check for the status. 

This error majorly occurs due to the network fluctuations. Kindly ensure taking assessment from a reliable network.

After the hardware and network test, the assessment will begin and follow the instructions carefully.

Once the session is completed you’ll be displayed with the following page.

Ending a session:

In order to submit the answers for evaluation Click on the Submit button provided.

Once the Submit button was clicked, you’ll be displayed with the page of confirmation for ending the session. Click on End Session to complete the session. 

After ending the session, if any more session has been assigned to you. You’ll be directed to the below-displayed page. 

Or else you will be redirected to the assessment complete page.