Welcome to the Talview Recruiter Platform!

Talview Recruiter is your one-stop platform for managing all your assessments. You can invite candidates to various assessments ranging from MCQ Tests to Asynchronous Interviews to Live Interviews. You can follow through and track each assessment until the final outcome is decided.

Using the platform, you can do the following:

  1. Receive and view the Requisitions that have been assigned to you as a recruiter.
  2. Receive and view candidate profiles who have been assigned to the Requisitions.
  3. Invite candidates to take any of the following assessments:

               a. Multiple Choice Question

               b. Code Test

                c. Essay Test

               d. Asynchronous Interview

               e. Live Interviews

  4. Invite Panel Members for being part of the Live Interviews.
  5. Invite Evaluators to evaluate Asynchronous Interviews. 
  6. Review Assessment Scores and Interview Observation Reports and based on the same – invite the candidate to an HR discussion.
  7. Complete the HR Interview Observation Reports and move them forward to initiate the Offer Process (outside of the Talview Platform)

How do I log in to the platform?

The Recruiter Dashboard

How to change the profile setting of the Recruiter?

The 'Pending' Tab

The 'Candidates' Tab

The 'Assessments' Tab

General Queries:

Now that we have a good idea of the platform, let us understand how you can get started and do your daily tasks.