There are two scenarios, where you may be required to invite a candidate to an Assessment. 

  1. The candidate is a new candidate - and is present in the list of 'Pending' candidates. 
  2. The candidate is in the 'Candidates' tab - and is in the list of candidates who have been invited to at least one section. 

Invite a candidate to a section in an assessment

On the 'Pending' tab, please highlight the appropriate candidate and click on the 'Invite to Assessment' widget to invite a candidate. 


'Pending' Tab -> Highlight Candidate -> Click on widget to invite to assessment


For the second scenario, in the Candidates tab, highlight the candidate - to view the Action Bar. You may click on the 'Invite to Assessment' tab to invite. 

You may also visit the 'Assessment' tab, and after clicking on the relevant assessment, click on 'candidate' in the left panel to see all the candidates pertaining to the Assessment in question. Pick the candidate you want to invite - and use the 'invite to Assessment' widget on the Action Bar

A new candidate, who has been assigned to you as a recruiter, or one that you have created yourself, will need to be invited to the first assessment. To invite a candidate to an Assessment, highlight the concerned candidate row by clicking on the name of any candidate. Then click the  'Invite to Assessment' widget on the right. You will be taken to the 'Assessment Invite' Screen.

On the screen, select the Assessment from a drop-down list - to invite a candidate and choose option 'Invite'. Please note the different sections which are part of the Assessment. You can also set the End Date & Time. Tick the 'Notify Candidates' to ensure that notifications go out to candidates.

A notification stating that the invite has been successfully completed will appear. A notification email goes to the candidate with the details of the assessment.

Once the candidate has been invited, the name moves out of the 'Pending' tab – and will henceforth be seen in the 'Candidates' Tab.

Tip: If you need to invite more than one candidate to the same Assessment, bulk Action is possible. You need to highlight multiple candidates using Shift Key or Ctrl Key – and then invite them all together.