In the ‘Invites’ tab, you can find a complete list of all candidates assigned to you who have started their assessment and are in different stages of the Assessment workflow.

The Summary View

The summary view displays a list of all the candidates with details like their name, Assessments they are invited to, and the status of their Assessments


Use a Filter to View Desired Candidate or List of Candidates

Finding it difficult to locate the candidates you are looking for? 

We have a filter you can use to view the candidate you are looking for! Using the ‘Advanced Filter’, you can filter the candidates by their first name, last name, email, phone number, or Assessment status

How You Can Use the Action Strip

When you highlight a candidate by clicking their name, you can perform the following actions with the help of the action strip on the right side of the page.

  • Changing the assessment status of the candidate
  • Inviting the candidate to the next section of the Assessment
  • Assigning a panel for a Live Interview
  • Extending the last date of an ongoing Assessment
  • Sending reminder emails to candidates about upcoming Assessments
  • Sending reminder emails to the panel members regarding an upcoming Live Interview
  • Scheduling a Live Interview
  • Scheduling a Simulation Session


Executing an Action on More Than One Candidate

In case you need to execute the same action on more than one candidate, bulk action is possible. You can highlight these candidates by holding on Ctrl key and selecting each of the candidate rows. Then, click on the appropriate widget in the action strip to execute the action on all the highlighted candidates.

Viewing details of the Assessment Sections

You can view the details of the candidate by clicking their image in the candidate row. The details include: 

  • Section type
  • Section status
  • Section score
  • the date the candidate was invited to the Assessment
  • the date a candidate attended a particular Section in the Assessment
  • a link to view the answers of the candidate

View Other Assessments Being Administered to the Same Candidate

If a candidate is taking other Assessments parallelly, the details of the other Assessments are displayed in the left panel. By clicking the Assessments, you can view the status of the ongoing section of that Assessment.

Viewing the Candidate Profile

To view the details of the candidate, click the ‘Details’ button on the left panel