Summary View: 


This tab displays the list of all the Assessments.

In this section, you can view the following details: 

  • Name of the Assessments
  • Owner of each Assessment
  • Summary of the Assessments
  • Status of each Assessment
  • End date of each Assessment

View Details of the Assessment:

When you click on any of the Assessments in the Summary view, you are taken to a page with full details about the Assessment. The details include:

  • Overview of the Assessment (Requisition in some cases) with details like:

  • Reference Id

  • Owner’s Name

  • Job Description

  • Additional Details that include over 25 parameters that are part of the Assessment / Requisition.



View Full Assessment Statistics:

On the right panel, you can view all the statistics of the Assessment showing the number of candidates who have:

  • been invited to take at least a section of the assessment

  • been attending any of the sections of the Assessment currently

  • completed the Assessment

  • been Selected

  • been on Hold

  • been Rejected

Actions Button in Overview :

The actions button present in the right pane helps in 

  • Importing and Inviting the candidate to the assessment or a section present within the assessment.
  • Send Reminder emails to the Candidates who haven't completed the assessment.


Viewing Section Details:

The list of sections present in the assessment along with the Section Funnel to understand the screening process of recruitment.

Viewing Candidates Details:

The candidates who have been invited for the assessment can be viewed from the Invites tab present in the Assessment Window.


Search Bar in Invites Tab :

Candidates can be searched through the Search Bar in the Tab.

Filters Button :

The Candidates can be filtered by the applying the parameters such as Panel and Status of their assessment.

Actions Button :

The Actions button in the Invites tab helps in

  • Importing and Inviting the candidate to the assessment.
  • Inviting candidates to a particular section of the assessment.
  • Extending the deadline to complete the assessment
  • Sending Reminder emails to the Candidates who haven't completed the assessment.
  • Sending Reminders to Panel for evaluation of the candidates
  • Assigning the Panel to the assessment towards the evaluation of the candidate
  • Changing the Status of the Candidate over the platform.