1. After logging in, the default page visible will be your Dashboard, click “Candidates” which is the 4th tab below Dashboard.

2. To create/add a new candidate, click on the “Add New Candidate” button as shown below.

3. Here simply fill in all the required fields and click on “Create” to create a new candidate in the system.

4. To schedule a Live interview for a particular candidate, click the video button in the "Action" column as shown below.

5. You will be redirected to the scheduling page where you can select the Interview (Assessment), Date, Time, Timezone and add the Panel.

6. You can schedule the live interview by selecting the assessment, date and time of the interview and panel members. The panel members can be selected from the list of existing panel member for the organization. You can also create new panel member by simply typing in the email id as shown in the below screenshot. A new panel account for the email id will automatically be created. 

7. After configuring all the details simply click on the schedule button as shown below. Upon scheduling the live interview, email notifications will automatically be sent out to all the panel members for the session, the recruiter who schedules the interview and the candidate for the session.