We have disabled the Finish button for the first 5 minutes. This will help the candidate by not being able to click on it accidentally and mark the exam as completed. 

In this case, we request you to wait without performing any action, for approximately five minutes. During this time, the 'Finish' button should be enabled, allowing you to proceed.

If the 'Finish' button or other options are not visible on the screen, click on the green-colored three settings button (gear icon) located at the top right of the page. This will bring up the necessary options on the page.

If you have previously clicked on the 'Go Back' option, please refresh the page by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R. After refreshing, wait on the same page for five minutes to ensure the 'Finish' button becomes enabled. Once enabled, you can click on it to submit the section of the assessment.

If the problem continues to persist, please don't hesitate to call our support team on the support number. Additionally, we recommend submitting a support ticket along with a screenshot of the error for further assistance. You can raise a ticket by clicking here.