If your assessment page becomes unresponsive, follow the below steps to proceed.

  1. Reload the Page: If the page is not functioning properly, try reloading it. This can often resolve minor glitches and restore normal functionality.

  2. Check Network Connection: Ensure that your network connection is stable. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, consider switching to a more reliable network. A stable connection is crucial for a smooth test-taking experience.

  3. Close & Reopen the Assessment: If reloading the page and checking the network connection does not resolve the issue, close the assessment and reopen it. To resume the test, use the same verification code that was sent to you via email. This can help clear any temporary errors or conflicts that may be affecting the performance and you should be able to continue the assessment where you left off.

If the problem continues to persist, please don't hesitate to call our support team on the support number. Additionally, we recommend submitting a support ticket along with a screenshot of the error for further assistance. You can raise a ticket by clicking here.