Screen sharing is a procedure where a user is requested to grant permission to share their entire screen, enabling the Talview platform to record and display all on-screen actions. To enable screen sharing, you must start by ensuring that you've granted system-level permissions. After doing so, you'll also need to grant permissions within your web browser to utilize the screen sharing feature on a specific website or link.

For Windows

  • Open the Start menu by clicking the "Start" button in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

  • Open the "Settings" app.

  • In the Settings app, look for "Privacy & Security" on the left side and click it.

  • On the right side, find the option labeled 'App permission.'

  • Under the 'App permission' select 'Camera,' 'Microphone,' and 'Notifications' one by one, and switch the toggle to the ON position for the web browser you're using.

Now let's get back to the interview/assessment page. Continue with the prechecks and when prompted to share the screen, the user should click on "Proceed to Exam" to initiate screen sharing. If the user is operating a Windows system, the following steps should be followed for screen sharing:

  1. A new window will appear displaying a miniature version of the screen.

  2. Select 'Entire screen' on the top right and click on the screen below you wish to share.

  3. After clicking the mini-screen icon, the screen sharing function will be activated as shown below.

In the case of using a Mac computer, it may be necessary to grant screen-sharing permission through the system settings. For comprehensive guidance on how to provide system-level permission for screen sharing on a Mac, please click here.

Once the permission has been granted, you can proceed by following the same steps as above mentioned.