1. Operating System and Device Requirements:

    1. Utilize a Laptop or Desktop computer running either Windows OS or Mac Operating System.

    2. Ensure that your Operating System is licensed and up-to-date, with no pending installations.

    3. The user should possess administrative privileges on the system and refrain from logging in as a Guest User or a non-admin.

  2. Secure Browser Usage:

    1. It is essential to run Secure Browser exclusively in the native environment of your system.

    2. We strongly advise against running Secure Browser on a PC or Laptop connected to VPNs, secured networks with restrictions, strict firewalls, or corporate/institution networks with limitations.

    3. In some cases, you may need to disable ad-blockers, pop-up blockers, and, if necessary, temporarily deactivate antivirus software if Secure Browser installation is impeded.

  3. Network Connection:

    1. Ensure a stable network connection with a download and upload bandwidth of more than 2Mbps and minimal latency.

  4. Camera and Microphone Requirements:

    1. A functional camera/webcam and microphone are necessary to access the assessment.

    2. You can use proper headphones with a microphone or utilize the inbuilt speakers and microphone of your system.

    3. By default, permission for camera and microphone access will be granted within the Secure Browser.

Please ensure compliance with these requirements to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted assessment experience.